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            The Bennett Hofford Construction Company

            Charleston, SC

            Custom New Home in Daniel Island

            When you need custom new home services in Daniel Island, turn to Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC to solve your troubles. Our custom new home services are tailored according to the needs of our clients, and we maintain a business model where the customer is always right. Have your needs and expectations exceeded when you hire us.

            Custom new home services need to serve a specific role, and here at Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC we have been crafting and changing ours for many years to fit the needs of all our clients. When you need to find a premier custom new home service provider, look no further than Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC. Our experience, reputation, and skills have allowed numerous Daniel Island clients to choose us as their provider.

            At Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC, we provide custom new home services for clients who are living in or around the Daniel Island area. We provide top quality custom new home services for our Daniel Island clients who immediately see the results they hope for. If you are looking for a custom new home company that puts the customer first, look no further than us.

            Let us prove to you just how well our many years of experience can help you in your custom new home matters. We can tailor our services to meet yours. Contact Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC at (843) 722-9169 today.

            Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC
            17 Lockwood Drive
            Charleston, SC 29422
            (843) 722-9169

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            Did You Know?

            The Bennett Hofford Construction Company has built over 400 Homes over the past 35 years and has contributed over $1 Billion in economic development in the state of South Carolina alone!

            Located at The Historic Rice Mill Building

            Built in 1861, is a former rice mill located at 17 Lockwood Drive. Renovated by Bennett Hofford Construction Company in the early 1990’s, the historic building has been home to Bennett Hofford ever since.  Click Here for more information: