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            The Bennett Hofford Construction Company

            Charleston, SC

            Historic Restoration in Lowcountry

            For historic restoration services in the Lowcountry area, turn to Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC. You, our customer, is our main priority and we want to make sure all your expectations are met, if not exceeded. We take pride in having a reputation known for our customer services and we strive to maintain that.

            We have been working for many years on new ways to innovate our historic restoration services. Our professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve them. We are experienced in helping our clients achieve their goals and exceeding their expectations.

            Do you live in the Lowcountry area and are in need of historic restoration services? If yes, look no further than Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC. We offer a plethora of experience and focus on customer service to Lowcountry area residents. Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC has learned over many years that the success that we have with each individual customer will lead to the overall success of our company.

            For professional historic restoration services that focus on serving the customers needs, contact Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC. We have the experience and skill needed to provide you with top of the line services in the Lowcountry area. Call us today to see how we can help.

            Bennett Hofford Construction Charleston, LLC
            17 Lockwood Drive
            Charleston, SC 29422
            (843) 722-9169

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            Did You Know?

            The Bennett Hofford Construction Company has built over 400 Homes over the past 35 years and has contributed over $1 Billion in economic development in the state of South Carolina alone!

            Located at The Historic Rice Mill Building

            Built in 1861, is a former rice mill located at 17 Lockwood Drive. Renovated by Bennett Hofford Construction Company in the early 1990’s, the historic building has been home to Bennett Hofford ever since.  Click Here for more information: